Reveel Celebrates Its 15k Subscribers Milestone With Exciting Offerings

Reveel continues to capture the hearts of its viewers with top-of-the-line films from the most promising and high-caliber creators in the movie industry.

By striking a chord with its target audience, the filmophiles, the streaming site was able to reach the 15k subscriber count on its platform to kick off 2021.

Aside from that achievement, Reveel was able to hit 400k-minutes of airtime. This proves that the channel is slowly gaining a solid ground in the entertainment arena.

The team is happy with how it was able to reach an impressive number of engagements in minimal time and is hopeful to sustain the momentum.

Original films are sometimes underrated compared with the high budgeted movies, but it doesn’t mean that these films are not on a par with mainstream content.

The creativity of these filmmakers is out of the box. That is why Reveel continues to support the vision of these amazing artists by showcasing them on the platform.

The team hopes to maintain a strong relationship with its subscribers by continuing to add more and better content throughout 2021.

Reveel Tagged As One Of Roku’s Most Promising Channels For 2021

The most anticipated launch of Reveel on Roku proves that viewer satisfaction is still the top priority of this rising media company.

According to one of Reveel’s top guns, William Cheverie, “We’re excited to be on Roku, it’s been our #1 request from our fans, and it’s already bringing lots of excitement from our loyal fans!”

The collaboration between the two platforms is a breather in the movie scene. Roku is best known for its top-notch streaming quality while Reveel is one of the most consumer friendly sites, with 100% original movies on its lineup.

Reveel offers the best content from the crème de la crème in the film industry. That is why movie fans from all over the globe are excited to stream via free programming, without interruptions.

What used to be the “airwaves era” is now a streaming generation wherein there is an accessible and unlimited viewing access, whether in a home theatre or in a broadcast TV.

The vision for entertainment is not dismal anymore. Clearly, Roku provides an avenue for movie channels to expand their reach, to maximize their airtime and to provide free on-demand content for the audience to enjoy.

Reveel Movies aims to capture the mainstream market and continues to bring what are palatable to the taste of the new wave of happy streamers this 2021.