Friday the 13th + Halloween = A Match Made in Horror Heaven?

Paraskevidekatriaphobia is a term you may think I just made up, but it actually just refers to a specific phobia of Friday the 13th. This superstition behind the day stems from centuries of religious and cultural beliefs. In an interesting coincidence, this year’s Friday the 13th date falls in October, aligning with Halloween’s spooky atmosphere.

Leaning into the date’s superstitious associations, Reveel has compiled a lineup of fun slasher films to mark the occasion. Our 7 film selections contain the archetypal elements that slasher fans expect – scares, gore, and fun slasher villains. While Friday the 13th is not a conventional holiday, in Reveel, it absolutely is.

Here are the 7 slasher movies to check out this next Friday the 13th:

1. SlashFM II

Count Slashula brings more terrifying tales on a Halloween Night.

Watch SlashFM II on Reveel


2. Be Our Guests

Six friends rent a bed & breakfast sitting amongst 40 acres. Throwing one of the biggest parties of the year, it isn’t until the night comes to an end that the real party begins. Terrorizing events cause them to fight for their lives.

Watch Be Our Guests on Reveel


3. Slasher Killer Tapes

Police have discovered a compound linked to a series of unsolved murders. Footage was found of a cult group living out their horror fantasies.

Watch Slasher Killer Tapes on Reveel


4. Darwins Law

Agent Scott Taylor is investigating an illegal killer online game called Darwins Law. Determined to shut it down, he gets too close to discovering who is behind it all and suddenly he disappears… only to discover he is now part of the game himself.

Watch Darwins Law on Reveel


5. Bunnyman Massacre

Bunnyman Massacre aka Bunnyman 2 is the sequel to the original Bunnyman (2011). The adventures of Joe and Bunnyman know no limit of bloodlust and carnage. Bodies pile up as they indiscriminately slaughter anything that crosses their paths.

Watch Bunnyman Massacre on Reveel


6. Amber Road

The Amber Road is a place in the digital universe where anything can be bought, sold, and traded: a place where a person can fulfill their darkest desire or unleash their deepest depravity.

Watch The Amber Road on Reveel


7. For Ayizan

Baron Phillippe is down and out as his family’s farm is going into foreclosure. He then meets Lizzy, who used to ride horses on the family’s farm. Baron takes her out there to see it one last time when everything goes wrong.

Watch For Ayizan on Reveel

Save the date for Friday the 13th to have some fun horror movie selections to check out. If you’re interested in more fresh horror movies to check out, stay tuned for our Reveel Fright Fest, a virtual horror film event starting on October 18th.

With over 70+ shorts, movies, and shows, the Reveel Fright Fest is a horror lover’s paradise. So grab your garlic, charge your crucifixes, and get ready for an unlucky 13 days of streaming scares until the end of October.

Experience Reveel Fright Fest 2023 here.



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Reveel is the new player in the world of streaming platforms. It puts a spotlight on talented creators who would otherwise be ignored by mainstream platforms or producers.

Its mission?

To connect independent filmmakers with audiences, and provide them with an alternative to the many sequels, remakes, and reboots coming out of Hollywood. Because who needs another sequel?

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The Young Streaming Service That Gives Power Back to Original Storytellers

Those who are looking for an alternative to the predictable sequels, remakes, and reboots coming out of Hollywood now have a solution — Reveel.

Launched in 2021, the brash young streaming service is a rising player in the world of streaming platforms. It uniquely puts a spotlight on underrepresented voices and talents from creators who are often overlooked by mainstream studios and platforms.

Driven by a team of passionate creatives with a bold vision, Reveel’s mission is to provide a space for both filmmakers and audiences to be free from the creative constraints imposed by profit-driven studios. They deserve the freedom to watch and tell amazing original stories as they please.

“At Reveel, we believe viewers deserve better, because without them the next great original story will never be written. Every new story has a fan, and now there’s a platform that cares more about growing and connecting the community of film-fans than making them hostage to the next greedy streaming platform” – Matthew Tims, Co-President of Reveel Entertainment

The viewers span generations, interests, and backgrounds — but they all share a passion for discovering new original content. Around 100,000 viewers have already consumed millions of minutes of stories on Reveel, but for this disruptive upstart streaming service, the journey to challenge the Hollywood status quo has only just begun.

New Year, New Scares! Reveel Fright Fest Returns With 13 Horror Films For Fans Who Want Something New

Reveel, the brash young streaming service for underrepresented voices in film, is bringing you another killer Fright Fest just in time for Halloween. For the 2nd year in a row, the virtual horror film event is packed full of horror films that most fans have never heard of before.

Starting October 19th, they’re serving up 13 straight days of fresh, freaky films you’ve never seen before. We’re talking slashers, monsters, ghosts – the full freak show. Every day’s got a new featured horror movie to get your spook on.

But it gets even scarier. This year, they’ve curated horror collections stuffed with shorts, movies, and shows to feed your phobias:

The Monster Mash-Up. Werewolves, vampires, and creatures of the night. What’s a horror film fest without the motley crew of scary monsters?

Villains with an Ax to Grind. Freddy and Jason are old news. We’re slicing up a totally new crew of psycho killers in slasher flicks that will leave you sleeping with one eye open.

Home Videos from Hell! Grainy found footage films that make the horror feel real and inescapable. Get ready for horrors recorded first-hand through the lens of everything from body cams to camcorders.

Night of the Living Dead. Vengeful spirits, tortured souls, and paranormal nightmares – we’ve conjured up the most chilling supernatural films that will haunt you long after the credits roll.

With over 70+ shorts, movies, and shows, the Reveel Fright Fest is a horror lover’s paradise. So grab your garlic, charge your crucifixes, and get ready for an unlucky 13 days of streaming scares starting on October 19th. Reveel promises a freak show!

Experience the Reveel Fright Fest on October 19th!


About Reveel

Reveel is the new player in the world of streaming platforms. It puts a spotlight on talented creators who would otherwise be ignored by mainstream platforms or producers.

Its mission?

To connect independent filmmakers with audiences, and provide them with an alternative to the many sequels, remakes, and reboots coming out of Hollywood. Because who needs another sequel?

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Reveel Debuts Simplified Sign-In Method with QR Codes

Reveel offers users a seamless streaming experience across devices. Available on mobile, web, and TV platforms, the service reaches viewers wherever they are. While Reveel sees usage across multiple platforms, Connected TVs like Roku are the most popular way to access Reveel.

Cognizant of this trend, Reveel is now introducing a streamlined sign-in to simplify setup for Smart TV users. The new function will save users time, letting audiences spend more time watching and less time navigating menus.

Making it easier than ever to start streaming, Reveel now provides three sign-in options: email, phone, or web. The email route requires manually entering your address and password character-by-character on the TV screen. While functional, this method can feel cumbersome on larger screens.

The new phone sign-in fast-tracks the process. Simply scan a QR code with your mobile device to instantly authenticate and start watching.

Alternatively, users can enter a code displayed on their TV screen to connect their account. The improved experience gets viewers to their entertainment faster, with fewer device toggles required.

Reveel’s streamlined sign-in options for Smart TVs demonstrate a commitment to user experience. These updates allow users to spend more time enjoying Reveel content and less time navigating on-screen keyboards.


About Reveel

Reveel is a brash young streaming platform who puts a spotlight on talented creators who would otherwise be ignored by mainstream platforms or producers. Its mission? To connect independent filmmakers with audiences, and provide them with an alternative to the many sequels, remakes, and reboots coming out of Hollywood.

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Negotiators Luxe Shines a Spotlight on Agents and Their Captivating Local Communities

From depicting the trials and tribulations of everyday real estate agents, the creative team behind The Negotiators is now shifting gears. Their new show, Negotiators Luxe, features influential real estate agents across the country as they highlight the people, places and properties that make each city unique.

Negotiators Luxe is a variety show that contains multiple short segments within each episode. Top real estate agents act as guides, peeling back the curtain on their hometowns and revealing intriguing tales about the people, history, and culture that shape these local communities. They also walk us through spectacular properties in the area to showcase what their real estate has to offer.

The premiere episode of Negotiators Luxe exemplifies the show’s far-reaching scope. The episode introduces viewers to a life-sized butter sculpture in Dallas, Texas and a custom geodesic home in South Denver Metro, Colorado and some other fun quick segments highlighting other towns around the country.

Adding to the diverse blend of segments featured on Negotiators Luxe is host Mariah Kalhor. As a leading Oklahoma-based real estate broker, Kalhor lends her industry expertise and charismatic on-screen presence to guide viewers through each episode’s unique collection of properties and stories.

Kalhor kicks off every show, setting the stage for the wide-ranging local stories to come and acting as the common thread between segments. Come check it out as Negotiators Luxe season 1 is currently streaming only on Reveel.


About Reveel

Reveel, a free streaming service, puts a spotlight on talented filmmakers who are often overlooked. The stories from these filmmakers almost always go unnoticed in the film industry, and we provide a platform for those amazing stories to shine.

Our mission is to empower both independent filmmakers and audiences to have alternatives to the many sequels, remakes, and reboots coming out of Hollywood.

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Introducing Reveel’s New Partner Advertiser Program

Reveel is thrilled to announce the launch of their new Partner Advertiser Program. The program was designed to provide business partners with a unique opportunity to connect with consumers through the streaming platform.

In today’s ever-changing landscape of consumer viewing habits, Reveel understands the importance of delivering minimally disruptive, relevant, and engaging advertisements that resonate with viewers.

The Partner Advertiser Program has been meticulously designed to cater to these evolving expectations, offering partners many different ways to make a positive impression on viewers.

Reveel is a creative hub, connecting our talented network of creators with a diverse audience that share a passion for storytelling in all forms. This passion is what keeps our audience coming back to our platform and can serve as a bridge to connect them with our partner advertisers.

The Partner Advertiser Program is separated into three tiers: Community, Signature, and Premier.


Community. Affordably showcase your brand in the opening and closing credits of Reveel Original commercials and trailers, gaining visibility among our growing viewer base.

Signature. Establish a more prominent presence with credits, badges, advertorials, and various promotional avenues to captivate a broader audience.

Premier. Unlock the full potential of advertising on Reveel with video advertising credits, badges, features on our social media, and our team’s full dedication to maximizing your brand visibility.


These three options merely scratch the surface when it comes to the possibilities available when you partner with us. By introducing the Partner Advertiser Program, Reveel aims to forge strategic alliances with businesses seeking to amplify their brand exposure and engage with a passionate viewer base.

To learn more about advertising on Reveel and becoming a partner advertiser, visit our Reveel For Business website.

Why You Should Watch ‘Before They Vanish’ If You Love Animals

How can a Vietnam War vet ensure the survival of a unique herd of horses when his time is limited? Watch Before They Vanish for free on Reveel.

Films are often seen as a form of escapism, offering a temporary respite from the challenges of reality. But, there are times when a film can have the opposite effect, shining a light on overlooked issues that demand attention.

Before They Vanish is a powerful film that stays grounded in the real world. It sheds light on the plight of a horse rancher with declining health who desperately tries to find a safe haven for his horses to prevent them from being possibly sent to the slaughter.

The film authentically portrays the struggles faced by this rancher, addressing real-world problems that need urgent attention.

Frank Kuntz in ‘Before They Vanish’

The movie revolves around Frank Kuntz, a war veteran turned horse rancher, who has dedicated his life to the well-being of his 300 horses used for human therapy. Frank puts his family and horses above everything else, pouring all of his paychecks into their care. However, his world comes crashing down when he receives devastating news of a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Frank is now faced with limited time and must now find a new safe haven for his horses, as they may be sent to the slaughter without his oversight. The movie portrays Frank’s race against time and the challenges he faces in securing a future for his beloved horses, all while confronting his own mortality.

Ejaz Khan

Ejaz Khan – The Director of ‘Before They Vanish’

Ejaz Khan, the director, is a wildlife and fashion photographer who is originally from India. He is known for his work capturing the beauty of animals and the environmental challenges they face.

With a background in film and fashion, Ejaz’s unique storytelling techniques are reflected in his stunning photography and filmmaking. He enjoys bringing attention to overlooked problems in society that requires awareness, which is why he created Before They Vanish.

Frank Kuntz in ‘Before They Vanish’

Ejaz was in North Dakota for a photography project when he met Frank Kuntz and his horses. Frank Kuntz is a horse rancher and Vietnam veteran who spent his life taking care of a herd of horses that included rare Nokota horses. Unfortunately, he had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was struggling to make ends meet in order to keep the horses in his care.

Without a ranch to live on, Frank’s horses have an unknown future. There are many kill pen buyers that acquire horses and claim that they will be sent to the slaughter if they are not “rescued” through a payment. He faced an immense challenge: how can he ensure the continued existence of his cherished herd before his time runs out?

Ejaz wanted to bring awareness to Frank’s problem. Initially, he was going to create a documentary about the issue, but ultimately, decided to create a scripted feature film to better capture Frank’s beautiful story.



Ejaz Khan approached casting Before They Vanish in a unique and authentic way. Instead of professional actors, Ejaz chose to cast real farmers and ranchers from North Dakota and Pennsylvania. These individuals had little to no experience with cameras, but they all shared a deep love and concern for Frank’s horses.

Ejaz encouraged them to be vulnerable in front of the camera, resulting in truly remarkable scenes that capture the rawness and authenticity of their emotions. This unconventional casting choice adds a genuine and grounded quality to the film. As these real individuals bring their own lived experiences and perspectives to the story, the film becomes a truly unique and compelling cinematic experience.

Before They Vanish portrays the real-life challenges that Frank faces and his unwavering dedication to his herd of horses used for human therapy. Frank credits the horses directly in helping him heal upon his return home from war. Today, he is still fighting for his health along with the well being of his horses.

While it isn’t a happy ending to the story, Ejaz Khan decided to generously donate a percentage of the film’s proceeds to support Frank and his horses, further exemplifying the genuine dedication and compassion portrayed in the film. Today, Frank is still fighting for his health along with the well being of his horses.

Watch Before They Vanish For Free on Reveel 

You can learn more about Frank, his ranch, and horses on his website.

Introducing Reveel’s New Share Button

Reveel, the streaming service that’s all about the little guy, has added a share button to their platform. This means you can now easily share your favorite films with your friends and family on social media.

At Reveel, we’re all about showcasing those original stories told and created independently. That’s why we’re introducing this new feature to help you spread the word about any film that strikes a chord with you.

Using the share button is easy. The button is located right underneath the film. Just click the share button to post a link to the film on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Sharing links makes it easier for our community of film lovers to connect with each other and helps support the filmmaker’s creative journey.

This is just one of the many exciting new features and improvements that Reveel has planned for the future. With our growing library of films and users, we remain committed to delivering innovative improvements to our platform. Stay tuned, as there’s so much more to come in the not-so-distant future!


About Reveel

Reveel is a streaming platform for original film content from all over the world. The streaming platform was created to empower both independent filmmakers and audiences to have alternatives to the predictable sequels, remakes, and reboots coming out of Hollywood.

Reveel only hosts original and independent content, has absolutely no disruptive ad breaks, and is completely free to anyone who signs up. Learn more about Reveel here.


Get an Exclusive Peek into Ryan Paevey’s Daily Life on Hearts of Stars Season 2!

Get ready for another season of Hearts of Stars, the innovative talk show that takes you off-screen with your favorite rom-com stars. Kicking off Season 2 in April is Ryan Paevey, who will be giving an exclusive, inside look into his daily life in San Diego.

Hosted by filmmaker and rom-com fan Jennifer Silliman, Hearts of Stars takes viewers out of the studio and into the authentic, intimate settings of their favorite celebrities. In Ryan’s two-part episode, he shares his day-to-day life, including his jewelry crafting business, Fortunate Wanderer, and visiting his best friend’s sushi restaurant, Shiku Sushi. He even shows off and rides one of his beloved Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The guests on Hearts of Stars range from leading men and ladies to the creatives who work diligently behind the camera, but all of them have one thing in common: they love sharing their stories with the fans!

The first season of the hit show, Hearts of Stars, included some big names such as Andrew Walker, Cindy Busby, and Nikki DeLoach. But Ryan Paevey is just the beginning of Season 2’s incredible lineup. From Jesse Hutch to Ashley Williams, Hearts of Stars promises to bring you even more rom-com stars and the stories of their daily lives.

“We have an amazing lineup for season 2,” says Jennifer. “It doesn’t get any better than starting it off with two episodes featuring Ryan Paevey.”

Don’t miss out on the fun and endearing interviews that make Hearts of Stars so unique. Catch up on Season 1 now streaming for free on Reveel and be sure to tune in to Hearts of Stars for the start of Season 2 in April. New episodes are released every Saturday.

Reveel’s Innovative Approach To Advertising is Redefining The Streaming Experience

If you want to learn more about Reveel’s newly launched Partner Advertiser program, visit our Reveel For Business website
Reveel Entertainment is revolutionizing the way audiences watch advertisements. The streaming experience is usually crammed with irrelevant and disruptive ads. But with Reveel, watching ads has been completely reimagined into an experience that’s positive and highly relevant to each viewer.
“I think, in general, people don’t hate commercials or advertisements. They just hate things that really detract from what they’re trying to watch. We want as many advertisers that are valuable to the viewer and do not detract from the viewing experience. Matt Tims said, Co-Founder of Reveel Entertainment. “From an advertising perspective, we want advertisers to be presented in a way that creates a positive impression on viewers.”
Reveel provides viewers with personalized ads that are tailored to what each viewer is watching and where they are. This allows each viewer to get the most out of their ad experience, while advertisers are able to reach their target audience and optimize their campaigns.
One of Reveel’s Original shows, The Negotiators, uses advertisements in an innovative way to connect home buyers with real estate agents in their local area. Utilizing geo-targeting, the show ensures that individual viewers are presented with ads from real estate agents located within their own neighborhoods.
Throughout The Negotiators, real estate agents are promoted in non-intrusive ways. The series has in-show pause ads that promote agents. There are also featured segments, a segment integrated into the show that provides valuable insights into the viewer’s local housing market.
“We’ve constructed the entire show in a way that integrates show segments from localized experts.” Matt continues. “These agents are not running commercials. They are the featured experts in the show and we are highlighting experts in every individual area.”

At the core of Reveel lies the promise to always connect audiences with great stories, and the ad experience is another way of doing just that. We are dedicated not only to working with our advertisers but also incorporating them into our very ecosystem. Adapting to each advertiser’s needs and goals, we enable our partners to connect with their audience in a positive way.

One of the options Reveel provides advertisers with is to create a 3-step ad experience for viewers. This means that one single advertiser takes control of all the ads broadcasted during a user’s view session.

A pre-roll ad is shown before the program begins and drives awareness for the product or service, while a featured segment is interwoven in the middle of the program to generate value for the viewers. A direct response ad completes the experience, encouraging viewers to take an action whenever they pause the program.

“We’ve set things up where the awareness, value, and action driver are all in one session for a viewer. It’s the least intrusive to the end viewer and the most valuable to the advertiser.” Matt Tims states about Reveel’s advertising structure.

Using data-driven technology, Reveel can target down to the specific piece of content, category, genre, location, age, or rating, giving advertisers plenty of opportunities to connect with their audience. We have an audience-first philosophy and our platform, where viewers can enjoy advertisements as much as their favorite stories, reflects that.

If you want to learn more about Reveel’s newly launched Partner Advertiser program, visit Reveel For Business website