Why You Should Watch ‘Before They Vanish’ If You Love Animals

How can a Vietnam War vet ensure the survival of a unique herd of horses when his time is limited? Watch Before They Vanish for free on Reveel.

Films are often seen as a form of escapism, offering a temporary respite from the challenges of reality. But, there are times when a film can have the opposite effect, shining a light on overlooked issues that demand attention.

Before They Vanish is a powerful film that stays grounded in the real world. It sheds light on the plight of a horse rancher with declining health who desperately tries to find a safe haven for his horses to prevent them from being possibly sent to the slaughter.

The film authentically portrays the struggles faced by this rancher, addressing real-world problems that need urgent attention.

Frank Kuntz in ‘Before They Vanish’

The movie revolves around Frank Kuntz, a war veteran turned horse rancher, who has dedicated his life to the well-being of his 300 horses used for human therapy. Frank puts his family and horses above everything else, pouring all of his paychecks into their care. However, his world comes crashing down when he receives devastating news of a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Frank is now faced with limited time and must now find a new safe haven for his horses, as they may be sent to the slaughter without his oversight. The movie portrays Frank’s race against time and the challenges he faces in securing a future for his beloved horses, all while confronting his own mortality.

Ejaz Khan

Ejaz Khan – The Director of ‘Before They Vanish’

Ejaz Khan, the director, is a wildlife and fashion photographer who is originally from India. He is known for his work capturing the beauty of animals and the environmental challenges they face.

With a background in film and fashion, Ejaz’s unique storytelling techniques are reflected in his stunning photography and filmmaking. He enjoys bringing attention to overlooked problems in society that requires awareness, which is why he created Before They Vanish.

Frank Kuntz in ‘Before They Vanish’

Ejaz was in North Dakota for a photography project when he met Frank Kuntz and his horses. Frank Kuntz is a horse rancher and Vietnam veteran who spent his life taking care of a herd of horses that included rare Nokota horses. Unfortunately, he had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was struggling to make ends meet in order to keep the horses in his care.

Without a ranch to live on, Frank’s horses have an unknown future. There are many kill pen buyers that acquire horses and claim that they will be sent to the slaughter if they are not “rescued” through a payment. He faced an immense challenge: how can he ensure the continued existence of his cherished herd before his time runs out?

Ejaz wanted to bring awareness to Frank’s problem. Initially, he was going to create a documentary about the issue, but ultimately, decided to create a scripted feature film to better capture Frank’s beautiful story.


Credit: VanishingKnowledge.com

Ejaz Khan approached casting Before They Vanish in a unique and authentic way. Instead of professional actors, Ejaz chose to cast real farmers and ranchers from North Dakota and Pennsylvania. These individuals had little to no experience with cameras, but they all shared a deep love and concern for Frank’s horses.

Ejaz encouraged them to be vulnerable in front of the camera, resulting in truly remarkable scenes that capture the rawness and authenticity of their emotions. This unconventional casting choice adds a genuine and grounded quality to the film. As these real individuals bring their own lived experiences and perspectives to the story, the film becomes a truly unique and compelling cinematic experience.

Before They Vanish portrays the real-life challenges that Frank faces and his unwavering dedication to his herd of horses used for human therapy. Frank credits the horses directly in helping him heal upon his return home from war. Today, he is still fighting for his health along with the well being of his horses.

While it isn’t a happy ending to the story, Ejaz Khan decided to generously donate a percentage of the film’s proceeds to support Frank and his horses, further exemplifying the genuine dedication and compassion portrayed in the film. Today, Frank is still fighting for his health along with the well being of his horses.

Watch Before They Vanish For Free on Reveel 

You can learn more about Frank, his ranch, and horses on his website.

Introducing Reveel’s New Share Button

Reveel, the streaming service that’s all about the little guy, has added a share button to their platform. This means you can now easily share your favorite films with your friends and family on social media.

At Reveel, we’re all about showcasing those original stories told and created independently. That’s why we’re introducing this new feature to help you spread the word about any film that strikes a chord with you.

Using the share button is easy. The button is located right underneath the film. Just click the share button to post a link to the film on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Sharing links makes it easier for our community of film lovers to connect with each other and helps support the filmmaker’s creative journey.

This is just one of the many exciting new features and improvements that Reveel has planned for the future. With our growing library of films and users, we remain committed to delivering innovative improvements to our platform. Stay tuned, as there’s so much more to come in the not-so-distant future!


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Get an Exclusive Peek into Ryan Paevey’s Daily Life on Hearts of Stars Season 2!

Get ready for another season of Hearts of Stars, the innovative talk show that takes you off-screen with your favorite rom-com stars. Kicking off Season 2 in April is Ryan Paevey, who will be giving an exclusive, inside look into his daily life in San Diego.

Hosted by filmmaker and rom-com fan Jennifer Silliman, Hearts of Stars takes viewers out of the studio and into the authentic, intimate settings of their favorite celebrities. In Ryan’s two-part episode, he shares his day-to-day life, including his jewelry crafting business, Fortunate Wanderer, and visiting his best friend’s sushi restaurant, Shiku Sushi. He even shows off and rides one of his beloved Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The guests on Hearts of Stars range from leading men and ladies to the creatives who work diligently behind the camera, but all of them have one thing in common: they love sharing their stories with the fans!

The first season of the hit show, Hearts of Stars, included some big names such as Andrew Walker, Cindy Busby, and Nikki DeLoach. But Ryan Paevey is just the beginning of Season 2’s incredible lineup. From Jesse Hutch to Ashley Williams, Hearts of Stars promises to bring you even more rom-com stars and the stories of their daily lives.

“We have an amazing lineup for season 2,” says Jennifer. “It doesn’t get any better than starting it off with two episodes featuring Ryan Paevey.”

Don’t miss out on the fun and endearing interviews that make Hearts of Stars so unique. Catch up on Season 1 now streaming for free on Reveel and be sure to tune in to Hearts of Stars for the start of Season 2 in April. New episodes are released every Saturday.

Reveel’s Innovative Approach To Advertising is Redefining The Streaming Experience

Reveel Entertainment is revolutionizing the way audiences watch advertisements. The streaming experience is usually crammed with irrelevant and disruptive ads. But with Reveel, watching ads has been completely reimagined into an experience that’s positive and highly relevant to each viewer.
“I think, in general, people don’t hate commercials or advertisements. They just hate things that really detract from what they’re trying to watch. We want as many advertisers that are valuable to the viewer and do not detract from the viewing experience. Matt Tims said, Co-Founder of Reveel Entertainment. “From an advertising perspective, we want advertisers to be presented in a way that creates a positive impression on viewers.”
Reveel provides viewers with personalized ads that are tailored to what each viewer is watching and where they are. This allows each viewer to get the most out of their ad experience, while advertisers are able to reach their target audience and optimize their campaigns.
One of Reveel’s Original shows, The Negotiators, uses advertisements in an innovative way to connect home buyers with real estate agents in their local area. Utilizing geo-targeting, the show ensures that individual viewers are presented with ads from real estate agents located within their own neighborhoods.
Throughout The Negotiators, real estate agents are promoted in non-intrusive ways. The series has in-show pause ads that promote agents. There are also featured segments, a segment integrated into the show that provides valuable insights into the viewer’s local housing market.
“We’ve constructed the entire show in a way that integrates show segments from localized experts.” Matt continues. “These agents are not running commercials. They are the featured experts in the show and we are highlighting experts in every individual area.”

At the core of Reveel lies the promise to always connect audiences with great stories, and the ad experience is another way of doing just that. We are dedicated not only to working with our advertisers but also incorporating them into our very ecosystem. Adapting to each advertiser’s needs and goals, we enable our partners to connect with their audience in a positive way.

One of the options Reveel provides advertisers with is to create a 3-step ad experience for viewers. This means that one single advertiser takes control of all the ads broadcasted during a user’s view session. A pre-roll ad is shown before the program begins and drives awareness for the product or service, while a featured segment is interwoven in the middle of the program to generate value for the viewers. A direct response ad completes the experience, encouraging viewers to take an action whenever they pause the program.

“We’ve set things up where the awareness, value, and action driver are all in one session for a viewer. It’s the least intrusive to the end viewer and the most valuable to the advertiser.” Matt Tims states about Reveel’s advertising structure.

Using data-driven technology, Reveel can target down to the specific piece of content, category, genre, location, age, or rating, giving advertisers plenty of opportunities to connect with their audience. We have an audience-first philosophy and our platform, where viewers can enjoy advertisements as much as their favorite stories, reflects that.

Stay tuned for the launch of Reveel’s Brand Advertising Program later this year to learn more about advertising opportunities with the platform.

‘The Truman Show’ Meets ‘The Matrix’ in this Mind-Bending Movie on Reveel

Jamin Winans is known for his mind-bending and deeply profound films. He has a knack for creating imaginative stories on a budget and making the most out of what he has to work with.

The Frame, directed by Jamin Winans, could be described as a hybrid of two classic thought-provoking films: The Truman Show and The Matrix. The movie is a cinematic masterpiece that has a strong script, breathtaking visuals, and compelling performances.

Watch The Frame for free on Reveel Right Now

From the writer and director of the cult smash hit, INK, comes a mind-bending science fiction thriller about two strangers who find their lives colliding in an impossible way. Alex is a good-hearted cargo thief working for a dangerous cartel. Sam is a determined paramedic trying to save the world while running from her past.

Suddenly and mysteriously, Alex and Sam’s lives crash into each other and the fabric of reality is ripped from underneath their feet. Taking on the very root of fate, destiny, and their own existence, Alex and Sam race through a maze of an ever-changing universe while being pursued by a demonic man determined to erase the world.

Jamin Winans is a filmmaker who has created a cult following because of his unique and thought-provoking stories. His movie, INK, was an independent hit due to its creative storytelling and profound script.

Jamin created INK and The Frame with the help of his wife Kiona Winans. She typically produces his films and helps craft the story. The success of INK led to The Frame and his latest documentary, Childhood 2.0. Childhood 2.0 has gotten millions of views on YouTube as it discusses the dangers of mental health in children because of technology.

Winans is not only a director but he is also a music composer. The music in the Frame is an integral part of the movie and complements its emotional story. He created the score for each of his feature films which adds only another layer to the experience of watching his films.

All the actors in The Frame deliver compelling performances that bring a peculiarly captivating script to life. Our two main characters, Alex and Sam, are portrayed by David Carranza and Tiffany Mualem.

Despite the dramatically different lives of Sam and Alex, a paramedic and cargo thief respectively, they share an unexpected connection – their love for watching TV. Little do they know that this will initiate an unparalleled shift in both of their destinies. David and Tiffany both do a phenomenal job in the film and give the audience a glimpse into the rich backstory of their characters.

The Frame is available to watch for free on Reveel. Reveel is a streaming platform exclusively for independent filmmakers to share their amazing films and for audiences to enjoy original stories from all over the world.

Reveel has absolutely no disruptive ad breaks and is completely free to anyone who signs up. Watch The Frame for free here!

Colorado Real Estate Professional Stars In ‘The Negotiators’

The Negotiators is back with another episode, this time featuring long-time Negotiator and Loveland-Colorado-native Rob Proctor. Rob is a real estate agent with over 20 years of experience in Colorado. He has won multiple awards for his services and continues to impress with his perseverance to get his clients the best deal possible.

Despite his success in real estate, Rob actually started out in mechanical engineering, majoring in Civil Engineering Technology in college. If you’re wondering how Rob transitioned from engineer to top-performing real estate agent, that is exactly what this Negotiators episode is about.

The Negotiators is a Reveel Original Series that looks at the home buying and selling process through the eyes of the real estate agent. But, not just any agent is featured on the show. These agents, otherwise called Negotiators, provide extraordinary service to each one of their clients and go the extra mile to make sure they are satisfied. Rob is no exception. Some might even say he is the standard.

In the episode, “Engineering The Outcome,” viewers will follow the journey of Rob Proctor as he goes above and beyond to help a first-time homebuyer secure an FHA loan on a fixer-upper that still needs major repairs.

The synopsis for the episode reads: Rob Proctor is a Negotiator with more than 20 years of real estate experience. While some agents rely on flashy gimmicks to get the job done, Rob believes in persistence, integrity, honesty, and good old-fashioned elbow grease; which is why he’s known as one of northern Colorado’s most respected and recognized agents. Watch as Rob goes the extra mile to help first-time home buyer, Valerie, secure an FHA loan on a fixer-upper that needs a lot of love.

“As a real estate professional, I love helping buyers and sellers get to where they want to go. Whether or not they are leaving the area or moving into a different house, they have smiles on their faces. They are happy. They are happy with what I did.” Rob Proctor continues in the episode. “The difference between myself and other agents is that I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get the job done to make my clients happy.”

Not only does Rob have the work ethic and expertise to get the job done, but he also has a network of connections to help his clients throughout the entire real estate transaction. Being a local native and highly involved in the community, Rob knows all the right people. In the episode “Engineering The Outcome,” he uses his connections to help Valerie get an FHA loan in a way that rarely anyone else could.

Rob’s episode is a testament to what it means to be a Negotiator. Through his relentless dedication and commitment to excellence, he was able to tackle the issues facing his client head-on and close the sale effectively. Two of many qualities that differentiate a Negotiator from their everyday real estate counterparts.

Don’t miss Rob Proctor’s episode of The Negotiators this Saturday, February 18th, streaming for free on Reveel! You can also visit Rob Proctor’s Negotiator’s page to get in touch with him for any of your real estate needs.

Reveel’s Hearts of Stars Show Connects Fans and Celebrities in a Whole New Way

Reveel has always been committed to connecting audiences to stories in ways that are unique and innovative. That’s why Reveel only streams original independent content and produces shows that give viewers an inside look into their favorite stories. Reveel is taking its dedication to a whole new level with its new show, Hearts of Stars. Through this special opportunity, a fan becomes talk-show host as they get the opportunity to interview their favorite stars on camera!

Media has relegated feel-good TV entertainment to the back burner, leaving fans with few chances to get acquainted with the actors and the behind-the-scenes stories of the films they love. Heart of Stars, a Reveel Original Show, seeks to bridge that gap. The new show features beloved rom-com celebrities being interviewed about their life, films, and everything they hold close to their hearts.

Heart of Stars is unlike any other show because of its host, Jennifer Silliman. Jennifer is a wife, mother, an advocate for mothers, and fan of feel-good rom-coms. She one day decided to reach out and chat with her favorite rom-com actors/actresses, which led to the creation of Hearts of Stars.

Jennifer’s distinctive ability to connect with her guests on an intimate level, as both a friend and fan, makes her interviews not only informative but also incredibly endearing. Stars like Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach, Ryan Paevey, Cindy Busby, and Colin Egglesfield have all made an appearance on Hearts of Stars so far with more celebrities slated for future episodes.

Jennifer has also brought Hearts of Stars to the fans by attending RomaDrama, an exclusive event that brings stars and fans together. The event offers an incredible opportunity for stars to meet their fans and vice versa! Jennifer had one-on-ones with these icons on the red carpet, giving viewers everywhere an inside look at what the event was like.

Jennifer’s remarkable journey from fan to a Reveel talk-show host is a testament to the platform’s dedication to bring audiences closer to their beloved stories. The Hearts of Stars special RomaDrama episode is now streaming on Reveel and you can catch new Hearts of Stars episodes every Saturday on the streaming platform.


About Reveel

Reveel is a streaming platform for original film content from all over the world. The streaming platform was created to empower both independent filmmakers and audiences to have alternatives to the predictable sequels, remakes, and reboots coming out of Hollywood.

Reveel only hosts original and independent content, has absolutely no disruptive ad breaks, and is completely free to anyone who signs up. Learn more about Reveel here.

Hearts of Stars Goes To RomaDrama’s Christmas in Chicago

Jen is taking Hearts of Stars to Chicago where she will interview your favorite Hallmark stars live on RomaDrama! On Friday and Saturday, December 2nd – 3rd, Jen will be streaming live through Instagram from the event.

RomaDrama is an event that allows fans of feel-good entertainment to meet their favorite actors and actresses. The event was created in 2019 by Gabrielle Graf Palmer and Sara Lunsford to provide fans with an in-person celebrity experience. RomaDrama takes place in different cities throughout the year, usually taking up an entire weekend.

Many of the hottest stars from Hallmark, Lifetime, and other channels have attended RomaDrama like Ryan Paevey, Andrew Walker, Colin Egglesfield, Brittany Bristow, Riley Weston, and Crystal Lowe.

Jen will chat with both stars and fans live during the event and will also have exclusive interviews that will be streamed on Reveel mid-December. Many of RomaDrama’s celebrity guests have made previous appearances on Hearts of Stars with Jen, giving fans an even deeper look into their lives.

Additionally, Hearts of Stars will release an episode this Saturday with the talented Cindy Busby. Jen and Cindy take a hike to the Hollywood sign while they play games and chat about Cindy’s Hallmark movie, Marry Me in Yosemite. Suzie the Chihuahua is also featured throughout the episode.


About Reveel

Reveel is a streaming platform that is filled with 100% original content from all over the world. The streaming platform was created to empower both independent filmmakers and audiences to have alternatives to the predictable sequels, remakes, and reboots coming out of Hollywood.

Reveel only hosts original and independent content, has absolutely no disruptive ad breaks, and is completely free to anyone who signs up. Learn more about Reveel here.

Hearts of Stars Celebrates Thanksgiving With a Special Episode

Calling all rom-com lovers! Hearts of Stars is celebrating Thanksgiving with a very special episode that features NINE of your favorite rom-com actors and actresses. Jennifer Silliman invited these actors and actresses onto Hearts of Stars to share their favorite Thanksgiving memories and traditions. The Hearts of Stars Special Episode will debut on Thanksgiving Day and is free for anyone to watch.

From Hallmark celebrities to holiday movie icons, this star-studded episode has an incredible lineup of special guests. The guest list includes Brennan Elliott, Brittany Bristow, Cindy Busby, Colin Egglesfield, Jesse Hutch, Neal Bledsoe, Riley Weston, Tyler Harlow, and Rachel Boston.

Jennifer interviews each of these celebrities virtually and asks them what their favorite Thanksgiving memory is. Besides asking holiday-themed questions, Jennifer also plays a couple of fun games with the guests like What’s On Your Phone and This or That.

Whether you are preparing the dinner or lounging on the couch, make sure to tune into the Hearts of Stars Thanksgiving Special Episode on Thursday, November 24th. The episode will be available to stream anytime, anywhere on Reveel.

Hearts of Stars is a Reveel Original Series that follows Jenifer Silliman as she interviews your favorite actors, actresses, and filmmakers. The series gets up close and personal with these celebrities, allowing their fans to see all of the things that are close to their hearts. Catch new episodes of Hearts of Stars every Saturday on Reveel.


About Reveel

Reveel is a streaming platform that is filled with 100% original content from all over the world. The streaming platform was created to empower both independent filmmakers and audiences to have alternatives to the predictable sequels, remakes, and reboots coming out of Hollywood.

Reveel only hosts original and independent content, has absolutely no disruptive ad breaks, and is completely free to anyone who signs up. Learn more about Reveel on our website.

A New Series That Gets to Know Rom-Com Celebrities Like Never Before

A lot of networks have made names for themselves with feel-good, family-friendly movies, and a bold young streaming platform named Reveel is bringing that same feel-good positivity to you in November. It is debuting Hearts of Stars, a new series that gets up close and personal with your favorite celebrities from feel-good rom-coms!

Hosted by Jennifer Silliman, Hearts of Stars is unique because the host is, quite simply put, a fan. Jennifer is also a filmmaker, mother, wife, and most importantly, a fan of feel-good rom-coms who one day decided to reach out and chat with her favorite rom-com actors/actresses on camera. She loves nothing more than to connect with beloved celebrities and letting their fans see the things that are close to their hearts.

Jennifer’s conversations with her celebrity guests take place out of the studio in intimate, casual settings for a more down-to-earth atmosphere. You’ll learn about their lives on-screen, off-screen, their families, and their passions.

The guests on Hearts of Stars range from leading men and ladies to those who are behind the scenes directing or writing, but all of them have one thing in common: they love what they do and they love sharing their stories with fans. Andrew W. Walker, Joshua Shultz, Cindy Busby, and Nikki Deloach are just a few of the actors and filmmakers who will be featured on Hearts of Stars, with many more to come.

The first season for Hearts of Stars will be available to watch for free on Reveel on Saturday, November 5th with Andrew Walker as the inaugural guest. New episodes will be released every Saturday, with each one focusing on a different celebrity.

Can’t wait until November 5th? In the meantime, check out Jennifer’s pre-season interviews with beloved actors/actresses.

Andrew W. Walker

Actor Andrew. W. Walker is known as a leading man in Hallmark movies but there is a lot more to Andrew than his experiences on-screen. He is also an entrepreneur, father, brother, friend, and husband. In this Hearts of Stars episode, our host Jennifer Silliman learns about Andrew’s life off-screen as they chat about the importance of mental health, self-love, owning a pressed juice company, and his family.


Ryan Paevey

Actor Ryan Paevey (General Hospital, Coyote Creek Christmas) started out as a male model and then got his first Hallmark role in 2016 with Unleashing Mr. Darcy. Now, he is one of the leading men of Hallmark and has starred in over 12 Hallmark movies. Our host Jennifer Silliman sits and chats with Ryan Paevey about his life in the public eye and his many passions from making jewelry to owning motorcycles.


Wes Brown

Wes Brown (actor in Christmas at Graceland and Christmas in Mississippi) has more than 44 film and TV credits to his name. He has just wrapped filming the upcoming Hallmark film Haul out the Holly and recently took on a villainous role in BET’s Stalked Within. Our host Jennifer Silliman chats with Wes about playing a villainous character, the joys of fatherhood, and meeting fans at Romadrama in Palm Beach 2022.


Brittany Bristow

Brittany Bristow is a Canadian actress that has been in the industry since she was six years old. She has starred in three Hallmark movies that were released this year and has plenty more on deck for next year. Jennifer Silliman sits with Brittany to chat about her upcoming wedding, her first lead role in Holiday Date, and techniques for self-care.


Nikki DeLoach

Nikki DeLoach is known as an actress but is also a producer, writer, and an advocate for mental health. Nikki joins our host Jennifer Silliman for an honest conversation about their similar struggles with postpartum depression and parenting a neurodivergent child.


Cindy Busby

Heartland’s Cindy Busby is known for her many roles in Hallmark movies and TV shows. You may have fallen in love with her on-screen but in this episode of Hearts of Stars, our host Jennifer Silliman chats with Cindy about her life off-screen. Cindy discusses why Cameos are important for her and the many charity organizations near and dear to her heart.


Neal Bledsoe

Neal Bledsoe is known for playing princes in Hallmark movies but with 60 credits to his name, he has had a lot more roles than that. Jennifer Silliman chats with Neal as he’s working out in a candid moment to discuss how Hallmark is therapeutic, what he’s writing, and his interest in exercising.


Riley Weston

Riley Weston (Sister Act 2, Christmas at Water’s Edge) joins our host Jennifer Silliman to make a special announcement about a new upcoming Hallmark film. Riley currently lives in Nashville where she spends most of her time writing screenplays and creating music.



About Reveel

Reveel is a streaming platform that is filled with 100% original content from all over the world. The streaming platform was created to empower both independent filmmakers and audiences to have alternatives to the predictable sequels, remakes, and reboots coming out of Hollywood.

Reveel only hosts original and independent content, has absolutely no disruptive ad breaks, and is completely free to anyone who signs up. Learn more about Reveel on our website.