Hearts of Stars Celebrates Thanksgiving With a Special Episode

  • November 23, 2022
Hearts of Stars Celebrates Thanksgiving With a Special Episode

Calling all rom-com lovers! Hearts of Stars is celebrating Thanksgiving with a very special episode that features NINE of your favorite rom-com actors and actresses. Jennifer Silliman invited these actors and actresses onto Hearts of Stars to share their favorite Thanksgiving memories and traditions. The Hearts of Stars Special Episode will debut on Thanksgiving Day and is free for anyone to watch.

From Hallmark celebrities to holiday movie icons, this star-studded episode has an incredible lineup of special guests. The guest list includes Brennan Elliott, Brittany Bristow, Cindy Busby, Colin Egglesfield, Jesse Hutch, Neal Bledsoe, Riley Weston, Tyler Harlow, and Rachel Boston.

Jennifer interviews each of these celebrities virtually and asks them what their favorite Thanksgiving memory is. Besides asking holiday-themed questions, Jennifer also plays a couple of fun games with the guests like What's On Your Phone and This or That.

Whether you are preparing the dinner or lounging on the couch, make sure to tune into the Hearts of Stars Thanksgiving Special Episode on Thursday, November 24th. The episode will be available to stream anytime, anywhere on Reveel.

Hearts of Stars is a Reveel Original Series that follows Jenifer Silliman as she interviews your favorite actors, actresses, and filmmakers. The series gets up close and personal with these celebrities, allowing their fans to see all of the things that are close to their hearts. Catch new episodes of Hearts of Stars every Saturday on Reveel.


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