Negotiators Luxe Shines a Spotlight on Agents and Their Captivating Local Communities

  • September 4, 2023
Negotiators Luxe Shines a Spotlight on Agents and Their Captivating Local Communities

From depicting the trials and tribulations of everyday real estate agents, the creative team behind The Negotiators is now shifting gears. Their new show, Negotiators Luxe, features influential real estate agents across the country as they highlight the people, places and properties that make each city unique.

Negotiators Luxe is a variety show that contains multiple short segments within each episode. Top real estate agents act as guides, peeling back the curtain on their hometowns and revealing intriguing tales about the people, history, and culture that shape these local communities. They also walk us through spectacular properties in the area to showcase what their real estate has to offer.

The premiere episode of Negotiators Luxe exemplifies the show's far-reaching scope. The episode introduces viewers to a life-sized butter sculpture in Dallas, Texas and a custom geodesic home in South Denver Metro, Colorado and some other fun quick segments highlighting other towns around the country.

Adding to the diverse blend of segments featured on Negotiators Luxe is host Mariah Kalhor. As a leading Oklahoma-based real estate broker, Kalhor lends her industry expertise and charismatic on-screen presence to guide viewers through each episode's unique collection of properties and stories.

Kalhor kicks off every show, setting the stage for the wide-ranging local stories to come and acting as the common thread between segments. Come check it out as Negotiators Luxe season 1 is currently streaming only on Reveel.


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