New Year, New Scares! Reveel Fright Fest Returns With 13 Horror Films For Fans Who Want Something New

  • September 26, 2023
New Year, New Scares! Reveel Fright Fest Returns With 13 Horror Films For Fans Who Want Something New

Reveel, the brash young streaming service for underrepresented voices in film, is bringing you another killer Fright Fest just in time for Halloween. For the 2nd year in a row, the virtual horror film event is packed full of horror films that most fans have never heard of before.

Starting October 19th, they're serving up 13 straight days of fresh, freaky films you've never seen before. We're talking slashers, monsters, ghosts - the full freak show. Every day's got a new featured horror movie to get your spook on.

But it gets even scarier. This year, they've curated horror collections stuffed with shorts, movies, and shows to feed your phobias:

The Monster Mash-Up. Werewolves, vampires, and creatures of the night. What’s a horror film fest without the motley crew of scary monsters?

Villains with an Ax to Grind. Freddy and Jason are old news. We're slicing up a totally new crew of psycho killers in slasher flicks that will leave you sleeping with one eye open.

Home Videos from Hell! Grainy found footage films that make the horror feel real and inescapable. Get ready for horrors recorded first-hand through the lens of everything from body cams to camcorders.

Night of the Living Dead. Vengeful spirits, tortured souls, and paranormal nightmares - we've conjured up the most chilling supernatural films that will haunt you long after the credits roll.

With over 70+ shorts, movies, and shows, the Reveel Fright Fest is a horror lover's paradise. So grab your garlic, charge your crucifixes, and get ready for an unlucky 13 days of streaming scares starting on October 19th. Reveel promises a freak show!

Experience the Reveel Fright Fest on October 19th!


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