Reveel’s Innovative Approach To Advertising is Redefining The Streaming Experience

  • March 18, 2023
Reveel’s Innovative Approach To Advertising is Redefining The Streaming Experience

If you want to learn more about Reveel's newly launched Partner Advertiser program, visit our Reveel For Business website

Reveel Entertainment is revolutionizing the way audiences watch advertisements. The streaming experience is usually crammed with irrelevant and disruptive ads. But with Reveel, watching ads has been completely reimagined into an experience that's positive and highly relevant to each viewer.

“I think, in general, people don't hate commercials or advertisements. They just hate things that really detract from what they're trying to watch. We want as many advertisers that are valuable to the viewer and do not detract from the viewing experience. Matt Tims said, Co-Founder of Reveel Entertainment. "From an advertising perspective, we want advertisers to be presented in a way that creates a positive impression on viewers."

Reveel provides viewers with personalized ads that are tailored to what each viewer is watching and where they are. This allows each viewer to get the most out of their ad experience, while advertisers are able to reach their target audience and optimize their campaigns.

One of Reveel’s Original shows, The Negotiators, uses advertisements in an innovative way to connect home buyers with real estate agents in their local area. Utilizing geo-targeting, the show ensures that individual viewers are presented with ads from real estate agents located within their own neighborhoods.

Throughout The Negotiators, real estate agents are promoted in non-intrusive ways. The series has in-show pause ads that promote agents. There are also featured segments, a segment integrated into the show that provides valuable insights into the viewer's local housing market.

"We’ve constructed the entire show in a way that integrates show segments from localized experts.” Matt continues. “These agents are not running commercials. They are the featured experts in the show and we are highlighting experts in every individual area."

At the core of Reveel lies the promise to always connect audiences with great stories, and the ad experience is another way of doing just that. We are dedicated not only to working with our advertisers but also incorporating them into our very ecosystem. Adapting to each advertiser's needs and goals, we enable our partners to connect with their audience in a positive way.

One of the options Reveel provides advertisers with is to create a 3-step ad experience for viewers. This means that one single advertiser takes control of all the ads broadcasted during a user’s view session.

A pre-roll ad is shown before the program begins and drives awareness for the product or service, while a featured segment is interwoven in the middle of the program to generate value for the viewers. A direct response ad completes the experience, encouraging viewers to take an action whenever they pause the program.

"We've set things up where the awareness, value, and action driver are all in one session for a viewer. It's the least intrusive to the end viewer and the most valuable to the advertiser." Matt Tims states about Reveel’s advertising structure.

Using data-driven technology, Reveel can target down to the specific piece of content, category, genre, location, age, or rating, giving advertisers plenty of opportunities to connect with their audience. We have an audience-first philosophy and our platform, where viewers can enjoy advertisements as much as their favorite stories, reflects that.

If you want to learn more about Reveel's newly launched Partner Advertiser program, visit Reveel For Business website