Reveel’s Upcoming Series ‘The Negotiators’ Demonstrates How The Best Real Estate Agents Fight For Their Clients

  • September 22, 2021

“You May Know A Real Estate Agent, But What You Need Is A Negotiator”

You may have seen other real estate shows, but this show is doing things in a whole new way. The Negotiators is an upcoming Reveel original series that gives viewers an in-depth look into the lives of the best real estate agents in the country. The series also gives viewers the opportunity to observe real estate agents behind closed doors as they get their clients the best deal possible.

The real estate agents featured in The Negotiators series are not like most agents. Negotiators are handpicked from amongst the top agents in the country and have all proven their ability to go above and beyond for their clients. From knocking down walls themselves to using strategic negotiation tactics, this series will reveal the everyday challenges true Negotiators have to overcome to get the amazing results they are known for.

Every episode tells the story of a real estate agent handling a crisis, all of which are true events that come from Negotiators themselves. The episodes contain reenactments of the crises for viewers to experience and Negotiators to relive.

The Negotiators is currently filming its first season in Massachusetts, but has already been greenlit for additional seasons. The first season of The Negotiators will premiere this fall on Reveel and filming for additional seasons will continue through 2022.

Each season will have nine episodes that take place in different parts of the country. Currently, The Negotiators plans to film upcoming seasons in New York, Texas, Florida, and Illinois, but they could also be coming to a city near you!

The Negotiators is trailblazing a new type of real estate series that not only reveals what the top agents have to do behind-the-scenes to ensure their clients get the best deal possible, but that also focuses on educating the audience about the best and worst practices when buying or selling a home.

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